Frequently Asked Questions


You should contact the organization that you registered with directly to cancel the registration. StatZone is only the processor and cannot cancel a registration for you.

There are a couple of things to verify:

  1. Are you spelling your name exactly the way you registered with USA Hockey (eg Robert instead of Bob)? If you need to update your name within StatZone, you can do so under the Profile button (more information in the "Other" FAQ section).
  2. Are you using the USA Hockey number for the season the registration requires? If you need a new USA Hockey registration for the current season, you can get one at https://membership.usahockey.com/. Note that USA Hockey generally opens up registration for the next season on April 1st.

If both of those items check out, double check that USA Hockey recorded your name and birth date properly. There have been instances where the DOB has been recorded wrong or the first name and last name have been reversed. If this is the case, contact USA Hockey to have it corrected and then let us know via our Contact Us form.


Log into your StatZone account and click the Registrations button. Any registrations that still have a balance due will have a Make Payment button to the right of the amount owed. Click this button to make a payment.

Note: this will not replace your next scheduled payment if you are on a payment plan. Instead it will just reduce the next scheduled payment. For example, if you owe $800 with 8 payments left on your plan and you make a payment of $400, then your payments will now be $50 each instead of $100.

You should contact the organization that you registered with directly. They should be able to issue a refund for the over payment and put you on a payment plan if applicable.

Note: they may charge you a processing fee to cover any additional costs they might incur. This would be between you and the organization that you registered with.

To update your credit card, for instance when you have to update the expiration date for a new credit card, follow these steps:

  1. Log into StatZone.
  2. Click the Wallet button and then click the Payment Methods button.
  3. Click the Update button under the relevant credit card.
  4. Enter the updated information and click Update Card


  • If you have a new credit card number, you must create an entirely new card by clicking the Add Payment Method button at the top of the screen.
  • Bank account information cannot be updated. To change bank info, create a new bank payment method and then delete the old one.

If a payment method is in use by a payment plan, then it cannot be removed. First change the payment method associated with the payment plan, then the Delete button will be available under the old payment method.

To change a Payment Plan's method of payment, follow these steps:

  1. Log into StatZone.
  2. Click the Wallet button and then click the Upcoming Payments button. This will show any payment plans that your are subscribed to.
  3. Each plan will have "Pay Method" line with a red button labeled Change. Click this button to choose another method. You can also choose "Default Method" which will use whatever your default payment method is at the time the payment is processed.


When your child is assigned to a team, an invite will be sent out via email. This invite will have instructions on how to accept or decline the team assignment. Some organization will also post tryout numbers to their website.

You can also log into your StatZone account and then click the "Tryouts" button. This will show their current tryout status. If they have been invited to a team, there will be Decline and Accept buttons that you can click to respond to the invite.

After registering for a tryout, a "Tryouts" button will appear on your account. Clicking "Tryouts" will list the tryouts you are currently registered for. Each will have a button to "Set Absentees". Click this button and then select any sessions you are unable to attend. Make sure to specify a reason so they know why you can't attend.

Each organization will handle Absentees differently. Generally it is best to attend all sessions you are invited to that you possibly can.

Phone App

The StatZone App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play by clicking on the buttons below:

Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

When transferring to a new phone, there is sometimes phone specific data that gets transferred as well that causes the StatZone App to hang on the "Loading..." screen.

To correct this, go to the App's Storage Settings and Clear data and Clear cache


If you have received an email from your organization's Certification Manager, then it will have a unique link for each certification required that you can click on to upload/enter the required information.

Alternatively, you can log into your StatZone account and click the Certifications button. This will list all certifications from any organizations that you are a part of. If you have any that are not Approved yet, there will be an Update button. Clicking on the button, you can view the instructions needed to complete the certification and either upload a document or enter the required information. Also, if you are a member of multiple organizations, there will be a button to Copy From Another Organization which will allow you to easily copy the information over.

Note: When uploading a document, there is a 10MB file size limit.

After you have completed your SafeSport training/refresher, if you did not receive a PDF of your certificate, you can download it from the SafeSport website as follows:

  1. Go to https://safesporttrained.org/
  2. Login to their site (if you don't know your login, click the Forgot Password? link and enter your email address that you used when you completed your training).
  3. Once logged into the SafeSport site, click on the My Courses button and then click the most recent SafeSport course that you have completed.
  4. On the right-hand side, there should be a section labeled Certificate. Click on the image below that to view the PDF of your certificate.
  5. Download the PDF certificate to your computer so that you can then upload it to your StatZone account


    StatZone Surveys has a function that allows the survey administrator to limit responses to 1 per group. For example, they may want to send the survey to both parents, but limit the responses to one per child. Whichever parent answers first will have their responses recorded. The other parent would be able to view the responses since they are linked together, but will not be able to submit a separate set of responses.


    If you would like to update the email address that you use to log into StatZone follow these steps:

    1. Login using your old email address
    2. Click the Profile button (if you are a manager for an organization, first click the "Switch to User View" button)
    3. Click the "Change Login Email" button and enter your new email address (this will send an email to your new email address with a link to verify that you entered the email correctly and that you have access to it)
    4. Click the link in the email and then your account login email conversion will be complete

    Click on the "Profile" button from the Home page (or click on your name in the top right and choose "My Profile"). From this page you can click an "Update" button for the person who's name you need to change.

    Even if a Relative is added to a Participant on a team with rights to set their availability, they still will not have permissions to edit that participant in any way, including updating their profile picture. If you would like another user to have those permissions, do the following:

    1. Log into the StatZone web interface
    2. Click on User Profile
    3. Under Family Members, click the "Grant" button for the participant you want to modify
    4. Type in the email address of the user that you want to give Edit rights to and click "OK"